Understanding What Your Home Is Worth

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Important Tips For A Successful Estate Sale

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Are you the executor of a will? Do you now need to sell off some or all of the deceased’s belongings so that the money can be divided between the heirs? Holding a successful estate sale isn’t difficult, but it does require some planning. If you’ve never needed to manage an estate sale before, here are some tips to get you started: Set up at least a week in advance: Some people think that you can just set everything out on the day before the sale and buyers will flock to the sale. Read More»

Niche Or Not: Is Investing In Art A Good Idea?

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If you’re trying to diversify your investments so that you have several potential sources of wealth, fine art is one area you should certainly look at. If you have art that’s in good condition from a top-notch artist that galleries admire, you could see a nice return eventually if you sell the art later on. However, investing in art is not as simple as buying something and sticking it in a closet, all wrapped up. Read More»